Scott McQuarrie – Brand Builder and Photographer

scottmcquarriephotographerSomething that I have always been drawn to is stories; the history of a family, a business, or person. This is likely why I am drawn to a great independent documentary, rather than a blockbuster movie. For me, I want to know all about the story of the people, and in turn I want to show and document that story so it can be told and archived. There are so many applications and advantages to having your story told in a visual way, and I truly believe that photographs resonate on a different level than video, or even written word. A photograph has the ability to grab you, more so when you are in it. Great photographs gain value, especially when you can see the personalities in the photograph. As a husband and father of one, I certainly know the importance of documenting my family. One of my only regrets in life is not documenting some of my family members before losing them. I have a dedication to my work and I know that I see the world a little bit differently that most. I truly do see the world in photographs, and I feel that there is always a photograph to be had – it just has to be seen. I feel honoured to have had my work published and awarded in international competitions. Something that I love being able to tell people is that “I am a photographer”.


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